Panoramica dal campo

The landscape - March 2021, part two

We have finally come to the end of this part of the layout's landscape. Now 2/3 of the whole model area is done.
In these last days we have completed the hillock bordering the front edge of the helical. In the photo the panoramic view from the observer side.

Panoramica dalla strada
Overview from the street

Following the suggestion of the TTM editorial staff, we avoided filling the area with trees, so as to let eye and lens to focus on the railway. We therefore set up a cultivated field ready for harvesting, partly carried out by the kind farmer to allow the wedding guests to park their cars near the church; it's true… cars and guests are still missing; we will provide A.S.A.P.

Panoramica dal campo
Overview fron the field

Some construction details: on the polystyrene chunk we have shaped the road and the ditches. We spread soil on the field and aluminum oxide and sand on the road, which allowed us to better reproduce the dirt road surface.
The cultivation mature and awaiting harvest has been made with a stabilized natural product of which we have lost the original packaging and referrals... too bad!
The harvested part of cultivation has been made with short fibers cut into small tufts, individually glued and subsequently "literally burned" with a lighter, on top of which we scattered the waste of the product mentioned above, everything being fixed with spray glue. The fence is made out of printed tissue paper cut out and glued onto painted brass wires.

Portale linea secondaria
Suburban line portal

This is the view of the portal and the hill, the road joins the main road above the tunnel. The protection mesh comes from Lineamodel.

rete di protezione
rete di protezione

This is the view from the Country-house, much appreciated by railway lovers!

Panoramica dalla Country-house
Overview from the Country-house
Panoramica dal campo
Overview fron the field

The view from the observer side; we are using photoshop to add a background giving depth to the scene, hoping to apply a real backdrop in the future. Now we will focus on the right side of the layout, and then move on to the installation of the signaling.

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  1. Molto apprezzata l idea di non mettere alberi per avere una migliore visione sulla ferrovia. La carta velina stampata è un altra invenzione… da approfondire. Tutto molto bello!! Complimenti

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